Our Process

Here is how we do it.


Study Your Audience

To create clips that work, we need to understand exactly who you are trying to reach. That's step one in the process

Pin Point Value

Content won't work if there is no value for the end viewer. That's why we dedicate time to work out the exact value your audience gets from your content.

Brand Design

We know who we are trying to reach and what the value in the content is, now we develop the style and format of your clips that best represents your brand.

Voice + Reach

Your clips are often going to be the first piece of content a new audience member will see. That is why we take the voice of your clips very seriously.



We've got the strategy down, now we make it reality. Our team of editors will create high quality clips that generate real results.


We know how daunting it may be for another team to start working on your content. That is why we guarantee Unlimited Revisions for every piece of content we create.


We're fast. Like really fast. Speed is important, especially for time sensitive content. That is why we get you clips within 48 hours of receiving your content.


We've got the strategy down, created the clips, finally, our team will post the clips on all applicable social platforms.


The "Sweet Spot"

At this point, we have found the perfect theme for your clips that represents your brand and actually generates results.

Data + Analytics

Data drives all of our decisions. No change or adjustment is ever made without the data to support that change.

Community Response

One of the most important parts to us is ensuring the response we get from the community is positive.


We've built up a following of dedicated, raving fans. We bring the solutions and connections to monetize your TikTok audience.

It's so simple that it actually works.

Designed to save you time, money, and generate real results.

50,000 Followers + Over 6,800,000 People reached

Since starting our work together, we've taken the Lights Out TikTok page to over 50,000 followers as well as reached over 6 million people in the same time frame.

Thats only TikTok! Across Instagram and YouTube, we've reached an additional 500,000+ people! For up to date data, visit the Lights Out TikTok Page!